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19's Rim Offset on an e92 - PLEASE HELP!

Hey everyone,

So basically I'm planning on getting some rims, and I'm really liking the Beyern Mesh's in Black w/ a polished lip. Yes I know it's played out but I've always wanted that style so I'm gonna grab it for atleast a year or two.

Ok, now onto business..

They have a bunch of different offset's and I didn't know which one would fit the best, so I thought I'd post it up here and see if I could get some help.

Possible Rims:
  • 19 X 8.5 w/ 15 Et & 72 Bore
  • 19 X 8.5 w/ 15 Et & 74 Bore
  • 19 X 8.5 w/ 30 Et & 72 Bore
  • 19 X 8.5 w/ 40 Et & 72 Bore
  • 19 X 9.5 w/ 15 Et & 72 Bore
  • 19 X 9.5 w/ 25 Et & 74 Bore
  • 19 X 9.5 w/ 30 Et & 72 Bore
  • 19 X 9.5 w/ 45 Et & 72 Bore
I'm going to be dropping the front about an inch and the rear half an inch (on C/O's so I can adjust later on).
I want to run a staggered set-up, so the 8.5's in the front, and 9.5's in the rear.
I do not want to roll my fender.

PS. What the hell is the bore for? Excuse my n00b-ness. lol

Thanks alot in advance guys!

- Rohit
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