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Strange dashboard warning signal (a triangle with a ! inside - not DSC failure sign)

Yesterday, as I was planning to drive back home from office, I approached my car, unlocked it, got inside, put my keys in, DID NOT start the car and was talking on the phone. So the radio etc were on but not the engine. After around 10-15 mins after I was done with the call, I pressed the brakes and pushed the start/stop button. And the car just didnt start up and right then it also showed me a strange warning signal with a TRIANGLE and an ! (exclamation mark inside it). NOTE: It DID NOT HAVE A CIRCLE AROUND THE TRIANGLE (Which I know, is also the sign of DSC failure). So it wasn't that. Just a triangle with a ! inside it. What the hell was it?
By the way, I took out the keys right then, put it back in and tried to start again and no more warnings. The car started right up and drove normally. I checked the "check control" for any warning messages and nothing.
I am just wondering what the heck was that warning sign?
Any ideas?