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Time for my own thread full of abuse... Wheel Weight, O.Z. or Breyton? 8LBS?

I'm selling my DPEs with the Goodyear F1 GS-D3s on em' and going with a less expensive, likely 18" option, that will require less love and that I can worry about less.

So the question is, how important, or how big of difference is 3lbs per corner less VS 11 pounds per corner less than the OEM 189s?

I want the 19" Breyton Race GTS in Matte Grey but they are only 3 lbs lighter than OEM. Cause I love the look.

However the also inexpensive O.Z. Ultraleggeras come in at about 11lbs lighter per corner, and are 18"...

SO, the Question is I suppose just how much of a difference am I going to feel between the two? Seriously 8lbs? I don't think it will matter on the streets and I really do like the looks of the Breytons...

So Comments, other than "WTF are you thinking getting rid of those Fly ass DPE GT7s?" I've been getting that a lot from the ladies... along with a

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