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Originally Posted by Harajuku View Post
Thanks Nikolas. Is the toe adjustment also usually fixed when an alignment is done or is that completely separate? The guy I got the tires from probably doesn't want to deal with it (he has kinda a bad attitude), live and learn I guess....
your toe adjustment will definitely wear out your tires! Your camber will wear out the tire unevenly, but once it gets the inside tread on the same plane as the outside tread, it should wear at a normal pace.

if your toe is not adjusted properly (typically they make it inwards), the rear tires are like this:

/ \ (rears)
toe: looking from the top of your car down: (^ vehicle direction)

camber: looking from the rear of your car forwards (towards screen: vehicle direction)

you won't feel any negative impact too much, and actually you will get a bit more high speed stability if you have toe in, as each tire is pushing the vehicle towards it's ceterline. however, this will greatly accelerate your wear, as the tires always are run at a slip angle, as if it's sliding. when it goes straight forward, it's always scrubbing off tread, as if you're slightly drifting around corners.

do you have your alignment spec sheet? I'd recommend that rear to keep wear down, shouldn't be more than -1 deg. camber and not more than 1/16" toe in. good luck.