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The screws are too long for the PIAAs. I ended up using spacers that I got from Home Depot to accommodate the extra length.

Originally Posted by trip08 View Post
I seem to have the worst luck possible ...
I decided to install my piaa's today and here is how it went ...
I never jacked up my car before and had no idea what to do with the plastic thing where you would think you would need to jack it up ... So i used a hydrolic jack and busted the plastic piece off ... But who cares cause its under the car anyway ... I spend all the time to take off everything get down to the exchange which should go smoothly, the easiest part i would think ... When I put in the piaa and tightened the screws as far as they would go, there was still a quarter of an inch that would not tighten ... so after trying to force it ... i think i stripped the torx, gave up, and put the original one back on and wasted an hour and a half of my life ... now with all that being said ...

Is there something that Im not doing right, cause i looked everywhere and i seem to be the only person with this problem that the screws wont tighten all the way. I have a 2008 328xi if that has anything to do with it ... Please Help Me!!!
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