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Originally Posted by GregA View Post

But before you do I just want to explain something.

BMW Concept policy.

There are several different Concept types BMW are presenting - it depends which department runs the project:

- by Mobile Tradition (hommage concepts like M1 Hommage or Concept Mille Miglia 2006 - mix of retro + futurism done just for fun)
- by Technik (weird future tech concepts like Z22, Z29 etc - tech is important, design is not)
- by Development department (all CleanEnergy, EfficientDynamics, ConnectedDrive concepts - upcoming tech usually implemented in current or upcoming cars)
- by Design department (design studies showcasing upcoming BMW models & design language - eg. Z07, Z9, CS1, xCoupe, xActivity, CS etc)
- by Marketing department (concepts previewing production version of upcoming cars - eg. M3 Concept, M5 Concept, Z4 Coupe Concept, X6 Concept etc).

All the Concepts EXCEPT THE ONES BY MOBILE TRADITION have a future agenda. While the Concepts done by Mobile Tradition are only a hommage / tribute to the past models, and have absolutely no future agenda. They are done just for fun. To celebrate an old model, and to give the designers an opportunity to unleash their retro fantasy.

Don't know if you like this answer, but according to the official press release the BMW design department ran this concept. So you're kinda confirming a future agenda.

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