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Originally Posted by southlight View Post
Don't know if you like this answer, but according to the official press release the BMW design department ran this concept. So you're kinda confirming a future agenda.

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Design department executed the project - and it was the only "active" department involved in the development. Since this concept is all about hommage to design.

But the idea for a hommage Concept, the budget & all the organization (incl the presentation at Ville d'Este exhibition) is run by Mobile Tradition. Just like the Mille Miglia 2006 Concept was. But in the MM 2006 case also the development (engineering) department was involved in the car development (design was a secondary matter). While M1 Hommage is a pure form.

Think MM 2006 as a "joint-venture" project of Mobile Tradition & Technik, while M1 Hommage is a joint-venture of Mobile Tradition & Design department.

MM 2006 was a hommage to the BMW (street) racing engineering, M1 Hommage is a tribute to the BMW supercar design. In the first case Mobile Tradition wan't the engineers to pay tribute to the tradition, in the second case the designers get the same chance.

Yet both Concepts are just tributes, and nothing more.