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Some cool links:


"The two exhausts differ on FOUR distinct levels:
1. Material the Meisterschaft series is made using higher-grade materials for the internal construction and the Meisterschaft is offered in both Titanium and Stainless Steel
2. Craftsmanship the Meisterschaft is built to a higher standard of craftsmanship, which results in exceptional finish quality
3. Weight the Meisterschaft mufflers are typically lighter than the Racing Performance mufflers by 30% or more
4. Sound the Meisterschaft mufflers have a deeper tone than the Racing Performance mufflers and are generally a little louder than the Racing Performance systems

What is Meisterschaft?

It means champion or championship in German.
Team Meisterschaft were made to produce only the top performance tuning products and consists of top racing inspired companies including Eisenmann, Kelleners-sport, Arden Jaguar Racing, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf Lamborghini, Ferrari GT team in Frankfurt, FB European DTM body design team, Kreissieg F-1,. etc.

Eisenmann Company (Germany) proudly prototypes and produces stainless steel version for Team Meisterschaft exhaust products including BMW M3, Porsche Ferrari, and Lamborghini model exhaust systems and products. Kreissieg also provides Valve-tronic F-1 products and OE Titanium products for Team meisterschaft such as titanium Porsche GT3 Racing exhaust unit with racing manifold systems and some BMW titanium units."


"The main advantage of the Titanium exhaust system is the weight saving. Here is a comparison for just the rear section (muffler only) of the E46 M3 exhaust system:

Stock: ~60lbs
Eisenmann Stainless Racing: ~42lbs
Meisterschaft Stainless: ~35lbs
Meisterschaft Titanium: ~17lbs

Another differentiating factor would be the distinct deeper tone of the titanium exhaust compared to the stainless steel exhaust."

17 pounds! Sounds phat. I guess losing driver weight makes a difference too!

Hunter, so all you'll need then is a new intake. I know you had concerns with the Fujita. You should try to get a software upgrade after these mods. Did you reset your battery? In the olden days, we would mod hondas with these boltons, and then disconnect the battery and it would reset the computer so that it would take advantage of the mods. I don't know if that still works(probably doesn't, i heard its in memory)