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Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
Well I like the way they made the grille a 3D design aspect, and the taillights are somewhat relative to the ones featured on the CS. Still, the thing looks like it could have been done as a design school project. Maybe it won a contest or something and BMW featured it at that show or something.

It's good, but it's severely flawed in terms of aesthetics, in my opinion.
Originally Posted by Bimmer Loyalist View Post
Even the hood creases follow the CS design. Didn't notice that. I think my stating of it being severely flawed is a bit of an overstatement. It's flawed, but it's not horrible. The corners on the car are what's making it look awkward. They're too abrupt.
I agree with everything you just said there. I'd add more:

- Design seems like mix of the original M1 and the CS Concept. It's problem is that it has features from the M1 that should remain in the past. Wheels, hood etc. I like the hood's raised part, just not the slats. Wheels are terrible.

- Headlights need to be more significant. I like the idea of low slung headlights that are positioned under the hood line, but they need to be bigger.

- I agree that the corners of the car let it down a lot. The front corners are far too sharp and some angle of other lines are a little off.

- I will credit the side profile though. The middle section of the car is absolutely perfect! I love the character lines and the side skirt/side intake setup. Look mean/stylish. BMW have a way with lines that you know is "BMW" even if it's in a wacky concept form.

Overall, not perfect, but GREAT potential. I seen it yesterday but I seem to like it more today than I did yesterday!