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Response to the filter testing per Terry Burger@BMS:

Originally Posted by Terry Burger
Hi Scott,

It was a pleasure hanging out and helping with the test. I can definitely vouch for the consistency of the testing, and although the results are surprising I believe they are accurate.

My take on the BMS filter:

I'm not sure if it is mentioned but this testing was a lot harder than the dyno testing I've done in the past. It was performed on a Mustang load dyno, with the hood closed, in a sealed room. Airflow across the car was 30-40mph. The BMS filter tested was from my car with around 3,000 miles on it. I considered testing a brand new filter but figured a used filter would give better "real world" results. The cars were run a few times on the dyno to get them adapted and ensure everything was hot before testing started. Ambient temps were in the 90s and we used 91 octane, so these were pretty much the worst possible conditions to showcase the filter as far as heat is concerned.

But despite that this testing proved the "sucking hot air" concern is moot. Even with much less airflow than you would see on the road, it made just as much horsepower as all the drop in filters using the stock airbox. And I'm confident if we were able to turn boost up a bit that it would outperform the rest. I've done a lot of VBOX road testing and have verified the filter works on the street.

And IMHO the BMS filter was the best sounding BY FAR....
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