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Your pics aren't loading, but I'm going to assume it shows DPE wheels and iForgeries next to each other and they look the same...

I probably didn't scrutinize DPE offerings but from the few that I casually saw on these forums I didn't think they were total rips. But I'm guessing those pictures show otherwise and I stand corrected. Are the forged360s similar too? I thought they did the CF rims, which is pretty original in my book.

Honestly, I wouldn't buy anything apart from HRE or Fikse if I wanted nice forged wheels. Having dealt with both companies, I know they are here to stay and have the service to back it up. I've never dealt directly with iForged but trust me, the stories are bad enough that I wouldn't run them unless I got them for free. And that's a maybe.

People probably bash on them a lot more because of how badly they handle difficult situations and how often it happens. I'm sure every wheel company has the same problems here and there, but the frequency and audacity of iForgery's bad practices is impossible to ignore.
CSL replicas are now CSL counterfeits. Jesus saves, like Valentine1.