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Originally Posted by PhilR View Post
In no praticular order

1. Aston Martin DB9 Conv - sheer engine sound / posing
2. Porsche 911 GT3 - For the weekend trip to the Ring
3. Merc CLK AMG Black (Front of latest TG Mag) - Good all rounder
4. Audi R8 - Beautiful
5. Bentley Continental GT - Opulence

What happened to the 50k limit per car.........

Oh and re the V8're right about TVR's...but the Sagaris as the Speed 6....

My Choices?

1. Lotus Exige - great for the track and back road blasts...

2. Touareg V6TDi - great family wagon and ideal to tow Exige to track...

3. Merc CLS Cdi - everyday wafter/intercontinental cruiser....

4. Mini Cooper S Works - town car (!)

5. Aston V8/Fezza 360/M3/TVR......aaarrrggghhh can't decide......

Good news is that I'm 2/5's of the way there.......
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