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I BLEW 2 Potenzas Today !!!!

This morning, I was driving back from JFK airport on Rockaway Blvd. (Which is in terrible condition and always has been)
I was surrounded by huge trucks and was essentially boxed in. I notice that the MORON next to me (on a cell phone of course which is ILLEGAL in NY) is drifting into my lane. I blow my horn, she snaps back. I then look forward to see the HUGE truck in front of me pass over what looks like something in the road that should be avoided, sort of a combination ridge and sharp pothole. I have very little time to slow down and NOWHERE to veer.
I managed to slow down a bit before hitting whatever it was BOOM-BOOM !
was what it actually sounded like. One minute later, I get a warning in iDrive: telling me that my Left front tire has lost air pressure. GREAT, I think I fu*ked up the tire on a 2 1/2 month old car and I may had destroyed the rim as well.
I arrived home 2 minutes later and inspected the tire. I was relieved to find NO rim damage... but then I spotted the REAR tire: It had a HUGE bulge in the sidewall. I called Hassel BMW in Freeport and brought it right in. Final cost for both tires installed: $810.
I am just hoping that I caused no other damage to the car. I assume that since both rims remained undamaged that this is unlikely.
Assuming I can find the exact spot again AND take pictures, has anyone had luck collecting from NY for something like this ?
Also, any opinions on tire Insurance ?


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