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Originally Posted by vladinecko
my girlfriend and i are planning a vacation to take some time in mid september. we would really like to go to Australia because we've never been there and it seems like a beautiful country, from pictures.

my question is, what's the weather like in mid-September in Sydney? we're looking for lots of beach time and hot weather. if it's not hot there at that time of the year, what's a good place to go then (Adelaide, Perth?)

i know Sydney is probably the most expensive city in AU to stay in, but are there some little, but still cool coastal towns that would be cheaper or better to go to?

thanks a bunch!
September is the beginning of Spring and i don't think it's all that warm yet, certainly not beach material.

You might want to go to Queensland...Gold Coast or up north more to get near that beach weather you want cos it's usually hotter up there.