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Exclamation Non-business addresses

Just for anyone who hasn't yet tried sending non-business addresses to their nav via Google Maps & My Info- it works fine.

1 Go to Google Maps
2 Type in your address eg 1 Wharf Rd, Chelmsford
3 Assuming the location is found, click the 'Send' link at the top right of the page
4 Click the 'Car' link, on the left of the new window
5 Fill in your details & add a phone number for the destination, if you want
6 Click 'Send' at the bottom of the window
7 Get into your car, click the voice entry button (assuming you have one), say 'My info' & then update your messages
8 You should now have the address you sent from Google maps, to which you can navigate & phone (if you entered a suitable phone number)

It's still not possible to accurately send GPS (non-address based) locations from Google maps via ConnectedDrive, but hopefully that will change at some point soon.

All the best.


BTW- no offence is intended to anyone living in Chelmsford
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