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Update to the retrofit:

-I've got a service advisor friend at the local dealership researching with the shop foreman whether the CCC can be in fact coded from UK to US. (which everybody tells me it can, but I want the guy thats actually going to do it tell me he can before I drop money for labor...)

-I've ordered a Fakra extension cable (RNS-E sharkfin extension for an Audi) which should work for my purpose (its a bit questionable until I have it in my hands if it has the correct ends and is long enough - seems like it has the male/female fakra ends and I think its 5 meters long.) I'll let you all know if its correct and the source. It was less than $40 shipped too.

-My dashboard "on order" hasn't really worked out. The local place that had 5 of them has been striking out. Seems that when the passenger airbag blows, it rips the dash in half, rendering it useless. It must be entirely replaced. Of the two remaining dashes that weren't torn apart, they were cut up from smashed windshields. No bueno. If anyone knows of a good source for a used/salvage black double-scoop e90 dash, please let me know. I'm almost thinking of dropping the $670 for a new one to avoid the frustration and to know I'm getting a cherry one.

-I'm in talks to acquire some new aluminum trim so that I have the center console i-drive trim (as well as to replace one of my other "blemished" trims.)

I'll keep you all updated on my progress. I have next week off and I was hoping to put it together then, but without a dash I'm stuck in limbo...