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Originally Posted by Motorsport View Post
WOW! she's really amazing!! Very nice and subtle combo. I think the interior works perfect with black. Love the rear diffuser and those rims! What size are they? The side vents on the fenders are HUGE. As for the reflector it's as ugly as the M3's one. Believe me, it isn't that much bigger than the one on the M3. I had a feeling mine would be smaller but when I saw it in person it was also huge. The size isn't a problem for changing them since the one you would install would be the exact same just painted. I'll post mine with the painted ones for you to see on tuesday. Once again BIG CONGRATS, I'm sure you'll enjoy her throughly.
They are 19" wheels. Does it not worry you to remove the old reflectors? How are they mounted on a car? I know the European version of my car doesn't have the reflector, so I guess on the US version they are just glued on. But, would it not damage the car to take it off?

Yeah, when I saw them on the car yesterday, they were bigger than what I remembered. They are huge and a stupid addition.