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Originally Posted by Revo Performance View Post
Did they alter the quads?
Can you let us know what the muffler guys did when welding the tips onto the stock exhaust?
The only alteration he made to the Quad tips was cutting 3/8's to 1/2" off the Single inlet side(Red Line in pic) the Quads inlet pipe diameter gets larger as it gets closer to the "Y" for the quad tips.
He did this for Two reasons:

1) So the tips would fit Over the stock pipes coming from the muffler because they were the Same Diameter.
2) For length adjustment.

Another point of interest is how he aligned the pipes coming out of the Mufflers.
Pic below: is a crude illustration of how he had to cut the pipes just after the mufflers, then pulling them inboard and rewelding to align them for the quads.

Drivers side: He was able to retain the exhaust valve. He cut 7/8's of the way through the pipe(circled in Red), bent it in toward the center of the car so the quad tip would line up. Then filled in the gap with the welding torch (pic is with the old tip still on just before he cut it off).

Close-up of the cut just after the muffler(drivers side)...

After the cut was filled in with a weld.

This is the same pipe & weld from the other side. You can see here (circled in Red) where (the pipe is entering the muffler) he left just enough material on the pipe to be able to bend it into place without cutting the pipe entirely off.

He finished it off by spraying a light coat of 500 degree Silver paint to keep the welds from rusting...
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