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The catch 22 with tire insurance

I'm just posting this as a warning, as I went through a hassle today at the dealer regarding my mytire tire insurance contract. I purchased the top tier tire insurance from mytire through my dealer when I purchased my car.

Due to all the construction in my area I've had to take roads I don't usually take and I usually just let the Navi figure out the fastest way to my destination (the RTTI actually works well for me). Due to this, I've managed to hit some potholes and as a result both my front tires have bulges in them, and one has had a TPM event.

So I go to the dealer to get the tires replaced under the insurance policy I took out and after inspecting the car they tell me that mytire has told them that they need to dissect the tires to see if they have been damaged. Herein lies the hook. If they dissect the tires and there is no damage, then they've ruined the tires anyhow, and I'll have to pay $800.00 or so out of pocket. If there is damage then they will replace them under the policy. I wasn't willing to take an $800.00 roll of the dice without further consideration.

It's always been my understanding that bulges indicate tire damage (damaged belt), and the traditional advice is to replace them ASAP. The mytire contract specifies that the tire must fail due to the damage. I thought a leak that caused a TPM event constituted failure, apparently they think otherwise. Anyhow, buyer beware.