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Pics of E90Post Scammer **MEMBERS BEWARE**

Here are pics and proof of Felix @ Europassion. I am not fond of scammers that rob other members MONEY and vanish. Others on this forum has stated that they met this guy (Felix) at bimmerfest (since i guess he didn't let anybody know he was coming over from indo on vacation) i wonder why? now he's claiming that he's not felix.

Wow E90 Agio seems to have the exact same car as this. Notice in the 3rd pic, "FELIX" is noted in paragraph.

Members beware. Just saving you guys from potential headaches as I have guys that can vouche for this as they have been victims.

**EDIT** Long story short:

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Originally Posted by Minipuck V 2.0
hey affliction it seems like you are new here ... i am curious as to who you are just because i was around when the whole felix thing went down ... just curious when did you start and how the whole felix thing affected you

i've been around for a long while. been modding my cars for the past 9-10 years. i've been browsing this forum 2-3 times per week for the past year or so, but just decided to join recently.

i know 5 friends who have ordered stuff from Felix when he was selling on Benzworld and mbworld, who paid him for his replica body kits who NEVER received them. He would lie and say that they were shipped, that there were problems at customs, etc etc....but would never provide any tracking numbers or proof of shipment. Back then, there was no Paypal. Felix only took payment via bank wire. The thing you probably will be asking is :why did your friends order from him in the first place? Here's the answer: he started out legit....then when the Europassion name grew a little, that is when he started his scams. By the time the group buys got set up, EVERYBODY got roasted by him. That's when he got banned from one forum, and jumped ship to another one. This is how the cycle first he's been banned from E90post.

I am a member of many forums, and I cannot stand scam artists. I think I did the right thing to call him out on all his scams. He is still even denying that he wasn't E90 Agio......what an idiot. He has agio wheels on his E90.....the magazine article proved that.

I am the type of person who can give a guy a second chance. EVERYBODY makes mistakes...and should have the chance to make things right. is your chance. OWN UP. Pay off all the members you owe in THIS forum. make things right....then you'll probably be a bit more welcome here than you are now.

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