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M5 and M7 Motorways!!!

An email from my boss. Thought i might wanna share with you guys and girls.


New Legislation M5 & M7 Re Speeding Fines

M5 and the M7 are now equipped with Point to Point Speed Devices. On entering the M7 the etag beeps and a camera takes a photo of your car recording the exact time. On exiting the etag system beeps again another camera at that point takes a photo of the car and the time. Then the computer calculates the time it has taken you to
travel between the two points and calculates your speed. If you completed the clocked journey too fast you are issued with a speeding ticket.

At the present the speed limit is 100K.P.H. with a tolerance of 102 maximum. Over that and you are issued with a fine automatically. What a shock some drivers are going to have when they use this roadway for a week and get a weeks' tickets BOTH WAYS. Of course your license will also be recalled for 3 months. Now with the new legislation, fighting a Speed Camera fine is almost impossible. You must prove the device is faulty and if you are not a technician working on them, you have no chance of beating the fine.

The Pacific Highway has a set and these are recognized by large steel frames over the lanes with a speed camera and some distance up the road is another large metal frame with a speed camera.

These new point to point systems are being put onto any expressway and highway where vehicles are not able to exit between those points.

NOTE: School zone cameras are not speed tolerant. Anything over, even 41, is a fine.

Tammy Umasaran
Corporate & Admin Support
Ministry of Transport
Phone: 02- 9891 8941
Fax: 02- 9891 8999