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Originally Posted by BarrettVS View Post
Thank you very much for the pictures. I do like the color.

Does anyone have an opinion on Jade Grey interior (basically very light grey seats with black carpet and dash) with this exterior? It makes me nervous that maybe nobody else has bought this combination. For now, Space Grey exterior is the safe choice.

P.S. I see you are in Turkey. I visited Istanbul several years ago and I think they deserve their reputation for the world's wildest drivers. I was glad I was taking cabs and not driving. The people were very nice.
I found these pics on an other forums since not many people get this color its hard to find.I try to find with jade interior but no one else got it but in my opinion that combination will be very unique and will look good.Space grey and TİAG is a nice color too but there are many around.but i got to tell you you guys are lucky to have this color yesterday i went to bmw dealer and first thing i asked was this beautiful color and sadly they dont offer this color and many other colors thats in this thread but they said maybe they can get me this color but i have to wait for a long time.I think i can wait since nobody got this color in here i will be the one to get it

P.S Well you are right in turke so many people drives like there is no tomorrow thats why we got soo many accidents and sadly soo many people dies in them İstanbul is a great city but too crowded especially traffic I live in izmir soo we dont have soo much traffic down here and i love my city