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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I think when all is said and done, for the same quality of life, overall taxes are similar but collected in different ways. If your property tax is only 6200, then there is a tax on the car for maybe 500-600 per year, and it declines every year. You may or may not have a good school system. You may have a high sales tax. You may have a high local income tax. Or you could live in metro NY and have high everything. Some would argue you get what you pay for.

Is it anything to brag about if you have low taxes? A coworker used to live in DE and his property tax on a 5-bed/3.5 bath was around $1000, and they have no sales tax, but a decent income tax. And every corp in America is inc. there. Is it any wonder his kids can't read? If you want to have an education system, there has to be taxes collected to pay for it.

I would be willing to bet that claiming his kids cant read is a little bit of a stretch. A school system is only as good as the childrens parents. Parental involvement has far more impact than any money that the tax and spend politicians can throw into the system. Sure, the system has to have money to operate and hire teachers and other employees but the primary factor is how much the parents care and push their kids to do well. In the town I used to live the oldest and most worn down school had by far the best test scores because it was the richest area with the most involved parents. I now live in a very rural mountain area in which the school is very new with all the latest technology but the educational development of most of the kids is far below average. This is due to the fact that most of the parents create little or no expectations upon their children. My wife is a high school math teacher and sees this every day.

Sorry for the rant, but the politicians and school administrator whiners can stick it where the sun dont shine, that also especially goes for the NEA also. I am sick and tired of hearing about needing a new tax everytime they decide we need a new school. I suppose they will not be happy until we end up like the over taxed and socialist countries in Europe.