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any thoughts on this situation

I have about 24K miles on the Bridgestone Potenzas. I ordered a set of 4 Michelin Pilot PS2 ZP. Ofcourse, rears on backorder. Bridgestones could easily last another month wait.

Anyways, last week when washing vehicle I noticed that the outer tread of the front passenger side was getting close to bald. I thought it was just because one tends to turn to the right more often? Yesterday, while washing vehicle I noticed the infamous Bridgestone bubble on said tire. It is not huge as some of the pics I've seen but it is bulging. While I read that some ppl still drive with the bulge it is not worth the risk with my luck So I was torn on what to do because of the Michelin backorder.

I decided to order the front Michelins from Tirerack and run them with the Bridgestones in the rear until the rear Michelins are in stock.

1. Any thoughts on significant issues using this combo for what hopefully will not be too long?

2. Any word on dates related to the release of the rears?

3. Regarding the uneven wear. Is it an alignment issue? Car does not seem to be pulling one way or another. I do remember hitting a pothole a couple of weeks ago. Could that have caused the bubble to start and then the continued driving with the bubble caused the uneven wear?

Thanks alot. Kind of stressful day yesterday. Thank goodness for this board and all the info I located. I had no idea about the bridgestone problems and the tire shops I stopped by before looking it up had no clue either. Power of the internet. I was pretty close to getting non runflats but I think the ZPs will great if the rears come in soon