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Originally Posted by miyagitran View Post
begini aja darwin since salah satu temen elo yg buat..engak usah pura2.kita kan laki2 dong jadi nanti kalo emang salah satu dari temen2 elo ada yg engak suka ama g..

summer holiday,silakan datang ke kntr gua..elo juga tau...

engak ada masalah.kita duduk sama2 dan coba kita tukar pikiran k.

elo org dagang gua jg org datang..jgn seperti anak kecil pula..karena dt society dan affliction E92 itu org lo sendiri.

bilangin temen elo yg beli bodykits dari gua.,,,,apa gua udah pernah ngomong ama temen elo kalo gua bisa bantu fitting bdykitsnya kalo ada mblnya di jkt?trus yg W208 CLK gua udah bilangin juga gua engak jamin 100% fitt perfect..
dah gua bilangin berapa kali...masih aja engak ngerti..
blah blah blah blah. so you are denying the fact that you sold 2 kits to Darwin's customers, and that you TRIED (and the key word is TRIED) scamming them by not shipping both the kits? You don't remember telling one of his customers on the phone that the kits were already shipped, and waiting at one of the airports in the US??? And that you wanted MORE money deposited into your account before you would reveal where the kits were?

You don't remember getting roughed up in Indonesia? You don't remember having to beg for your life when some guys came to your house asking for those 2 kits? You don't remember crying like a little bitch after those guys took the kits from you?

You can sit behind your computer monitor and deny everything. GO right ahead. ALL these members know the reason why you have been banned from pretty much EVERY european car forum in the world. FOR THE SAME EXACT REASON. You are a con-artist. You are a thief. It is so sad that you cannot even realize this. You came to the US for school, however, you flunked out, so you had to be shipped back to Indonesia. For the few years you have been back , you've turned into a tiko....oh were ALWAYS a tiko. Living a tiko life, having to look behind your back everywhere you go.

Bottom line is that you need to get the fuck off this forum. You are not wanted here. You DEFINITELY are not liked here.

Go find a Japanese Car Forum and try scamming the honda and acura owners.