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Originally Posted by lib View Post
Yeah, the public school system is doing a wonderful job with the money...

The NY state public school system isn't horrible but at around $15,000 per student per year it should be a hell of a lot better than it is. src
An officemate's daughter got into Princeton as a graduate of White Plains High School, and his younger daughter is on the same track. Maybe his 20k per year property tax is outrageous for such a tiny house, but a friend is sending her son to an elite private school for about 30k per year. He's only in the 5th grade. Yes, the two experiences are far different (the son just went to a b-day party at an NBA head coach's house), but how much different is the end result if all 3 kids go to Princeton? I'd stick with what I know, the public education.

The degree will only be the start, the rest of the career is up to the individual. I have one kid who works with me that went to FSU. Bright kid with a bright future, he holds his own among the others who have elite educations.

Life is what it is, if you don't get what you pay for, then you have millions of people paying lots of hard-earned money for nothing. Not all of us want to live in low cost of living places, there is a trade-off.