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Originally Posted by BMWPower06 View Post
The fact that you think its a 6.3L engine shows that you don't know what you're talking about.

The AMGs have a 6.2L V8, its only referred to as the 63 to pay tribute to the classic Mercedes 6.3L.

The 6.2L AMG is garbage, its makes low tq for being such a large displacement engine (~450lbft) and makes the same hp as BMW achieves with only 5.0L

Not to mention that the ///M V10 revs to 8250 RPM and the 6.2 AMG only to 6800 RPM. The AMG revs less than the 3 liter engines in the non-M 3er cars
Sorry about that you are right about the 6.2L motor. I forgot about that. Anyway who cares that MB uses 6.2L to make more power than the V8 M3. It makes more power and is also faster. And when you talk about the MB 6.2L vs the M5 M6 motor. BMW has to have a V10 to make what MB makes with a V8. So your whole argument goes right out the window.