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UPDATE: After calling South Bay's General Manager and leaving a very polite voice message explaining exactly why I would not be able to give South Bay all 5's on the BMW Survey, I promptly got a call back from the "Quality and Excellence Manager" who immediately promised to make things right (this includes shipping me the floormats), and to make me satisfied enough to win my business back to them for service and future purchases.

He added that one of the Sales Managers had instituted a "no freebies" policy that has resulted in several less-than-stellar customer satisifaction surveys, and that this Sales Manager is "no longer with our dealership". It was this policy along with several other issues (that he didn't fully explain to me) that led to his "departure", the guy said to me.

Now I'll believe the floormats when they show up at my front door, but I did appreciate the call from the dealership. Whether the Sales Manager story is true or not, at least they cared enough about the survey to pay attention to the issues.

It's just too bad because they could have had a very satisfied customer from the get-go, but instead, they dropped the ball somewhere along the line (exactly HOW did this "rogue" sales manager ever get to the position where he could influence customer satisfaction like this anyway!?!?!), and now I view the whole dealership with suspicion and distrust.

Stay tuned....