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Thanks to Segfault:

090106 JBE Fails to Program
090206 Replacement FZD (Roof Function Center) not accepted by CIP/PROGMAN
090606 RAD2 Can not be programmed after programming abort
520305 Front seat cover retainer is loose
610303 CAN/Byteflight bus diagnostics
652005 RAD2 - CD mode malfunctions
653205 CCC: CD/CDC track counter advances after mute selected
720205 Passenger airbag status lamp goes on/off during driving
720705 Replacement OC3 mat will not enable
852505 Unable to pair or reconnect Bluetooth
111190 Engine oil capacities
510706 Console creaking noises
320106 Service action - install clip for power steering line
340406 DSC warning - various SZL FCs stored
350106 Kickdown function not available
090406 Coapi fault codes in final report
090806 DWA LED on Rearview Mirror cannot be activated
841503 BMW Assist Initialization
120405 CEL illuminated and/or vehicle overheats
840506 Diagnosis of Bluetooth handset complaints
840606 Information displayed in BMW Assist menu is incorrect or unknown
090501 Coding, Individualization, Programming (CIP)
320506 Steering wheel offset
610305 Software errors corrected with progman
650406 KL-R stays on after ignition off - comfort access only
070296 CD45: Updated DISplus & GT1 software
090906 Progman 21.0 software errors
120706 SES illuminated: FC 2EF4 Map Thermostat
652605 Audio switches off briefly when listening to FM stations
653005 MP3 CD playback not available
841005 CCC Navigation displays incorrect vehicle position
513105 Center console heats up in knee contact area
650206 CCC: Loss of audio in all modes
652805 CCC: Radio station preset list intermittently empty
840805 CCC - CID switches between BMW banner and blank
130106 Fuel system - alcohol blend fuel usage
640406 The air conditioning does not cool
650705 MOST bus is inoperateive or CID has reduced brightness
130206 TOP TIER detergent gasoline in BMW vehicles
720806 OC3 occupancy status does not change
840906 Bluetooth inoperative, TCU FC# A379 or 79
841006 BMW Assist or Bluetooth inoperative, TCU FC# A373
120606 Voluntary emissions recall 06E-A01: N52 - reprogramming vehicle for OBD diagnostic
240205 Service action: replace mechatronic adapter
320706 Steering column clicking noise
650506 CCC: CD Drive errors
720906 Airbag warning lamp, FC93EB
721005 Airbag warning lamp, FC93B4 and/or 93A8
841205 CCC: DVD drive makes clicking noise
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