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Originally Posted by MBE93 View Post
Am I missing something? Sounds like he (CA) tried to make the deal happen, at a good rate, then quickly determined that for whatever reason he couldn't make the deal happen. Whether it was preference or compulsory he let you know within a very reasonable amount of time (10 mins)? Maybe he should've thought it through better and posted the OOS details on the ad, but we all make mistakes.
Yeah you are:

The "sales manager" was telling me how many cars he sells to Texas and Nevada, he was an expert in out of state sales and could get the deal done.

He stated that I would have to pay tax in California and we spoke about this idea and it is California law and any difference would be credited by my state. Great, price was set and I was ready to fly out to Cali to pick up the car. I even offered to put a down payment down on the car, which he refused to accept.

10 mins later I was sent an email stating ....

"Thank You for your interest with the new guidelines set in place by the state and DMV, it has made it extremely difficult for use to sell to out of state customers.

After speaking with the rest of management we have decided at this time to not sell to customers for out of state delivery..."

That doesn't look like very good customer service to be yanking the person around like that, especially if they claim to be an "expert" in out of state sales. Also, if he was rude on the phone, that's unacceptable, too. He should have been apologizing profusely. Again, not sure if that happend or not, but a generically worded e-mail doesn't seem like it's enough.

As for Justin's claim about not attacking the dealership -- well, he represents the dealership. Keep that in mind. Also the e-mail said "we" meaning the dealership.
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