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I received an email from customer at 1:18pm to contact him regarding my available E92.

First initial contact with customer was via the phone at around 2:45pm. (Reason for the slight delay in response was due to sales meeting from 1pm to 2:30pm)

Selling price was confirmed and reached with customer during the first few moments of phone conversation. During the call I noticed a lot of background and traffic noise. Customer seems preoccupied during the conversation.

I asked how he was planning on finalizing the vehicle purchase. No response ….I hear talking in the background. Question is again asked …customer’s reply was I will be writing a check. Customer also stated I will be flying in from out of state to drive the vehicle home. Customer asked if a courtesy pickup from the airport was possible and if I can provide him with a one way trip permit. I answered yes to both questions. I also said if he plans on driving the vehicle off the lot than I will need to collect the applicable taxes and fees after which when he reaches his home state he will be credited with the difference +/-. At this time customer insist I was wrong and that he never has to do it this way before. I said if you plan on not paying any taxes upfront then you will not be able to drive off with the vehicle. Instead the vehicle will need to be delivered crossed state lines. We will need the Bill of Laden and the report of sale must be notarized by the notary public that he did not take possession of the vehicle in California. Customer again states this is BS…this is not the way to do it and that he already found another Center to sell him the car and allow him to drive off the lot with out having to pay taxes upfront. Customer asks if I have done out of state deliveries before and what sources I am using to give him this information. Before I get a chance to reply I hear the customer cursing numerous times. I asked the customer why is he so upset and why he feels the need to curse at me. Customer very angrily says because he is out driving and now he has a flat tire and that I do not know how to handle out of state sells. At this time I insisted on stopping the conversation told him to pull over so he can handle his flat tire situation. I said we can continue to work the deal later.

Customer says no…he wants to finalize the deal now. Customer says he does not know what game I am playing but he will go ahead and play my game. I stated to customer I did not want to continue to work the deal when I know his situation may be unsafe. I insisted on calling him back later after he has taken care of the flat tire to his vehicle. I also stated to customer I have completed many out of state sells and that each time depending on the buyers’ home state the amount and procedure of collecting taxes could be different. I said right now I am following the current guidelines set forth by and the state board of equalization.

Customer reluctantly agrees to pay the taxes upfront and that he is okay to talk because he has already pulled over to the side of the road. I again tell him I want to end the conversation till he is at a safe location.

In summary, during the 10 minutes that this conversation lasted I was told I did not know how to do my job not once, not twice but over and over again. I was cursed at numerous times; maybe it was not directed at me now knowing the situation he was in. Nevertheless, after going over the conversation in my head again and knowing this deal can cause me more grief than necessary I decided it was better to not proceed forward with the out of state sale.

Within 10 mins after the conversation ended I emailed the customer to let him know my intentions.

So if being told you do not know how to do your job and having to deal with an abusive customer makes me the scum of the earth…so be it. And yes the last few minutes of the conversation I was no longer "prolite".

My very last email to him was simply ...

"Thank you for your interest and time. Sorry it did not work out."

Where is the sarcasm in my reply that you implied?

Actually no need to reply to that question.

I accept full blame for this matter. I will openly apologize to you. Again I am sorry it did not work out.

I hope this will end this topic.