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Originally Posted by RockIt View Post
Agree 100%. I drove the 335D and found it utterly souless and uninvolving, good as it is. I don't dispute for one moment that it's a rapid car, although I am sick and tired of hearing about it ad nauseam. No wonder there's a negative reaction from some people on here.

Horses for courses, naturally, but I like the sound of an engine revving and redlining. I used to have huge fun in my VVTI Celica 'cos you had to work it to get the most out of it. My mates' Honda Type R is a hoot to drive and my RX8, redlining at 9000rpm was a scream. Yes there are faster cars, but not many could keep up with it around the twisties on a dry day. Personally I don't give a monkeys about drag times and over the ton. It's yawn inducing.
I totally agree. I swapped my 530d after 6 months because I found that (for me) an automatic diesel car was just boring.