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Originally Posted by mjh93sa View Post
I think that any car with more than say a 2-litre engine and serious economy is going to feel it in the residuals as the fuel prices escalate. It's just a part of the fun of having the car you want, rather than the one you need.

Even on this board you have people jumping out of 3.2 Audi's and 335i's in favour of 320d's. If this continues it's bound to have an effect on the residuals of larger engined cars. However, I would expect that it will go in the order of tax bracket to some degree. The older non-ED 335i will feel it in the residuals first as they are going to be harder for people to shift on. Then the 335d and the 330i/d.

So what you need to do Carlos is sell the 335d quick and get a Mini Cooper D or a 118d.

couldnt do it mate. No way!!!

I really want a 911 and an M3 so god knows what next but for sure ill be keeping the DXB for a while yet! Ive just done so much with that car and explored its limits and enjoyed it so much.

Ive done alot of performance testing which is interesting for other 335d owners that are interested (some of which are not)

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