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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Now do you think with all thats happening, diesel car residules will be affected?

No mate, not a chance, there is something that seriously appeals to a lot of people with the 335d, and that is the wave of torque you get from it, for a lot of people that is preferable to a high revving petrol. The 335d is a phenomenal car and will be highly sort after for a very long time, it was the first diesel for alot of petrol heads who said they would never buy a tractor, and I think it will always be more desirable than the 335i on the used market in the UK.

It is the same as M3 vs Alpina B3, or the M5 vs the Alpina B5, both do the same thing on paper, but drive them and they are completely different cars that appeal to a different market.
When my old man was considering swapping his 730d over for a different car he nearly tried an M5 out, but I know he wouldn't like it, a B5 touring on the other hand would suit him down to the ground, the B5 to me fells like a 535d on steroids and I know he would love this.
I however would always take the M3 over the B3, I just love the aggressiveness of the M3, it is hugely addictive, and I mean the way it drives not the way it looks, in some ways I prefer the look of the B3.

Also a lot of M3 owners will feel the 335d is quicker, you would be surprised how many people don't know how to drive a NA petrol car properly. A mate of mine bought an SMG E46 coupe recently, his last car was a remapped 330d E46 auto, in that he pressed the throttle and the wave of torque pushed him along very rapidly.
When I asked him how he was getting on with the M3 he said he really liked it but was a little disapointed with the performance, thought it would be alot quicker than his 330d was. I was a bit miffed by this as my M3 absolutely destroyed my remapped 535d. So we went out in it, the first thing I noticed was he had the SMG box in M2, so I put it in M5 and made him turn the sport button on. Off we went, I didn't say anything while he was driving but let him take me about 3 miles and then told him to get out and let me drive.
He had been changing gear around 4800rpm, everytime, this had come driving a diesel for 3 years I reckon, so in I got, dsc off, S6, and away we went.
Now, the M3 doesn't come alive until 4500rpm, it then starts to scream and you keep it in that bracket and it is an absolute monster!!
Now it was someone else car and we were on the public roads so I didn't push it to silly levels, but when he grabbed my arm and pleaded for me to slow down I knew he realised what the M3 is all about.
He has since done some track training, learning how to control it properly and is absolutely loving the car, he admits that he now feels a bit stupid thinking the M3 was not particularly quick!
I bet there are loads of people out there in M3's, let alone 330i's, that would think and prefer a 335d, because the way it delivers power suits them far better than the high revving petrol.

Also you have to remember alot of people are waiting for the 335d to drop to their price bracket, this will always keep prices up, it is probably the most sought after BMW on the market after the 320d.