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Bluetooth add on to 2008 328i sedan?

I'm interested in the bluetooth kit for a new 328i sedan, but I have ready conflicting posts regarding whether the bluetooth voice commands are only in German.
Does everything work in English or not?
It also isn't clear if you need to install the phone cradle or anything else under the armrest even if you don't have a phone that fits the cradle. There is hardly any storage space under the armrest as is.

I'm considering buying the kit, plus microphone. I'm not sure if a bracket is required because the site says:
Kits do not come with BMW Mounting bracket as they may already be installed in your vehicle.
So is a bracket needed for a 2008 328i sedan and if so, where do you get the bracket?

If I order this, I would probably have a local stereo shop install it. I've heard it should take less than 30 minutes to install all the parts in the trunk and in the interior.
I called the local dealer and the said will activate the bluetooth for no charge.

I'm not sure having bluetooth installed is worth this much money. It's worth something, but maybe not $900-$1000 after all the parts, shipping and labor charges are added and when there are alternative bluetooth kits available that aren't quite as nice, but are a fraction of the price. Plus more and better alternatives are coming in the next year as more states ban drivers holding cell phones and more vendors jump into the market.