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Originally Posted by 335isilver View Post
Hi irq5

I attached the review for you. still can't figure out how to make my garage part of my profile.

Did you see the latest Cars in Action mag (june 2008). The test results for the
RS4: 0-100 =5.4 and M3 sedan:5.8 and C63 AMG: 5.9
The M3 beats them all in the Kyalami hot lap: 2min;05.7sec. The RS4:2min;07.6 and the more powerful AMG could only muster 2min;08.3sec. I was very impressed. But now i am confused. Beacuse our way underpowered 335i sedan, tested in the same mag achieved the following:0-100 = 5.6 and the hot lap: 2m;06.9

I think the 335i is still understated but most sensible choice and we get the bang for the buck.

Question: Are we the only ones on this thread. What happened to the S.A.'s?
Will definitely have a read soon - thanks man.

The reasons for the test results above is due to the altitude - the M3, RS4 and C63 are all naturally aspirated - loosing about 17% of their power up here in JHB. It also helps that because of the turbo set up on the car we achieve our max torque REALLY low down at 1300 / 1400 rpm or so whereas all the others have to rev a bit to get to their max torque. You get the best acceleration at your torque peak - and thats the next thing that helps our 335's out a lot - we have our peak torque available from 1300 odd all the way through to 5500 odd - that's a huge band of the rev range to be at your torque peak. We're also not far off from the others in terms of torque even though the engine capacity is smaller... So when you go into a corner, decelerate (i.e. drop revs) and push out of the corner, we're definitely going to be at our torque peak whereas the others have to build revs before they're accelerating at their fastest...

All that translates into me not having to spend the price of an M3 but still get the same (or very similar) performance up here in JHB. For sure, I don't get the same handling and I lack a limited slip diff (which btw would enable the 335 to decimate the others on the track up here - not just slightly edge them out) but in terms of real world practicality, there really isn't a better choice...

Not sure what happened to all the other SA's on the forum... I was hoping to be able to meet up with some guys in the JHB area and perhaps do some Sunday morning breakfast runs...

Oh well...

Originally Posted by Sifu-Lux View Post
Hey irq5, just get your blacklines from the dealer. Mine were at the dealer in PE in 3 days.

Part number 63210406678

Price was R 2325.72 + VAT last year, but haggle a bit for a discount.

My consumption is now 13 l/100km average after 2300km.

Any of you considered fitting an SSTT? Local price in SA is about R6k from JHB dealer.
Yeah - was also thinking about checking on the price at the dealer. Don't have the money to spend at the moment - will wait for my bonus next year march and treat myself to (at least) the black lines...

Was that the price fitted? Or did you do the installation yourself - I'm sure I could manage the installation myself - I changed the lights on my RX-8 (well, ex RX-8 now, I suppose) at one stage - they were leaking water REALLY badly.

Oh, and 'scuse my ignorance - what's the SSTT? Piggyback ecu or something?