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Originally Posted by nasdakboy View Post
I'm really considering doing the muffler delete on my car, but I'm alittle nervous. I know some of you have gotten compliments by the dealerships, but would any frown upon it? Also, is it certain that there would be no additional pollution by removing the muffler? I'm a bit of a "green" guy Noise pollution is one thing, but I'd really prefer to not release any additional pollutants into the atmosphere by doing this.
There was a discussion regarding this. 1. Car shouldn't "malfunction" because the muffler is missing. 2. The word "Muffler" says it all. Its to "muffle" the sound. Cat. Converter does the job of filtering out all the nasty stuff. Not the muffler.

The only "problem" this mod will cause is strictly "Sound". Your sound level(db) will increase. It could possibly give you more headache caused by the droning noise. Then again, if you love the exhaust note, it could possibly empty your wallet faster because you'll end up driving more.
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