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after 3 month review

Hi guys...
Now that I've been running this configuration for about 3 months....
The sub is fully broken-in and is giving just the low freq bass needed to fullfill the system.
At times the sub appears not "present" which is how a sub should implement the system. It should just give the lower octaves...
The amp set-up are as follow....: the gain is about 9/10 up (that is probably caused by the high level inputs being set-low to avoid distortion at high volumes), the frequency is set @ about 3/10, giving a freq cut of about 70hz, and the bass boost @ 50hz almost full up, giving aproximately 10db, that is probably necessary 'cause of the tiny space behind the sub causing the overall Q being high... However, not being an ideal box (not sealed, neither vented), the sub performances might be compromized....
Again I didn't want to have a sub box in the trunk.
I had this sub sitting in the garage for a while, but If I was to choose a sub for that project i would find something that is designed for smaller box with a high SPL.... i.e. Dayton Quatro from PartsExpress #295-550.