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ok, I have a problem taking turns..

one example is the most basic, lets say you are driving on local streets, going 45-55mph.. and up comes a traffic light, where you need to make a right turn... I read that you need to brake first, then put it into gear BEFORE taking the turn that way your wheels/car have the most traction or something. But my problem is, I never brake or slow myself down enough to get into 2nd or 3rd gear before the turn. So I usually end up going into neutral during the turn, and after words, shift to 2nd or 3rd gear and accelerate out. Is that wrong?

another example on the freeway, let's say you are driving 80mph, and then you have to change freeways, so up ahead, there's an interchange which makes you do like a 270 degree turn with a recommended speed limit of 25mph. I can take the turn going 50mph+ if I were the only one on the freeway, but sometimes if theres a slower ass car in front of you, you are forced to slow down to 25mph. So basically my problem is this... I'm never sure of which gear to be in. What happens is, I would start to take the turn and my speed would drop to 35-45mph or even worse, down to 25mph by the time I am done with the turn while I am still in 5th or 6th gear, which makes it practically impossible to accelerate w/o downshifting. So, is it better to shift before the turn? during? or after?

(damn I just read what I wrote and even I can't understand what I'm saying lol)...