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Hey I just did this on my 06 330 and I took a test drive with speeds keeping up with gear changes. Then pulled back into my garage and performed the reset. I had the door open so I could hear any changes being made. I was not expecting anything to happen but something did happen. I could hear the transmission going through some changes....mmmm

So I held my foot to the floor until I no longer heard anything moving, and when I lifted my foot from the floor I got a ding from the console. I had done something....still thinking that it was just in my head I took her for a spin. In both regular drive then sport mode and low and behold the car shifted differently. It did seem more responsive and I had noticed prior to doing this that I was getting a lag in shifts sometimes when in sport mode. This is no longer the case....the car did shift smoother but it's just so hard to tell if it's in my head or not. I am calling my buddy at the dealership now. I will post a follow up here.