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Originally Posted by monsta View Post
ok so I decided use this thread as guidance and it is a very simple install until I got to the 10mm bolt for grounding, this bolt is non existent in my car I looked everywhere up there right left facing windshield and backseat stuck my hand up there and felt around and there isn't anything, there are two holes directly overhead were bolts could go but they are empty, can someone w/ a e92 M3 take pics of there 10mm bolt and were I could find it....or am I missing it and should just go buy one and plug into one of those holes? would this be a appropriate ground?

whats sucks more is that I had 4 mods to do tonight and I was able to finish the other 3 but the most important one I couldn't do and its sucks...I changed to CF Grill, Painted Reflectors and GP Thunders H8's
Here are my instuctions for wiring a radar detector. Much simpler. Takes 20 minutes: