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Another happy e-mapped 335d owner

I linked up with Simon from e-maps this morning for my third car to be mapped by him.

The first two were both petrol variants (E36323i/E46 M3) Whilst these maps didn't deliver massive performance increases, the cars certainly both drove a helluva lot better.

However.... Having just had the 335d transformed this morning, I am still laughing from the gains. It's simply staggering what can be done with a few ecu tweaks. It actually feels quicker than my M3, and that was damned fast.

Totally different power delivery to the M3, but just as addictive.

As always, Simon has vowed to re flash my ecu if the need arises. Lol

I will be going to Germany next month to give it some beans. Any idea what this thing will do top end? I had 176 out of the M3 on the Autobahn, so I am guessing it will be similar.