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Originally Posted by GregA View Post

You guys don't have a clue, do you?.

OK, I'll help:

Look closer: it's just an E91 with X1 front - for some engine testings (cooling etc). Now you know what platform will be used for X1.

Same method was used for RR Silver Ghost - applying its nose on to the 7er mule.


PS: F5 is much larger, F3 development is not that far yet, F25 X3 has much wider track.
X1 is based on the E91 yes true but we have already seen the body shape of the mules.... are the photos at the top of this thread old shots or is it just cheaper to test the engine systems in models already in production?

The X3 uber wagon shows that the track is much wider and this is definitely not that.

If you look through the center mesh, it is hiding some serious kidneys....

I also would have thought the X1 be further along in production by now since the body shell mules had completed winter testing; or was that an entirely different model?
The X3 is a ways off still (even thought the current one will bow out a year early).

Thanks for the input!