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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
X1 is based on the E91 yes true but we have already seen the body shape of the mules.... are the photos at the top of this thread old shots or is it just cheaper to test the engine systems in models already in production?

I also would have thought the X1 be further along in production by now since the body shell mules had completed winter testing; or was that an entirely different model?

If only engine cooling has to be tested - why developing a whole prototype since such pre-production prototypes are very expensive if such tests can be run on cheaper mules of an existing model.

There are body shell X1 prototypes, testing the whole vehicle, and there are still some special testings going on - eg. under this 3er mule etc.

I guess they've experiences some cooling problems in the original body prototypes & decided to run additional cooling tests on cheaper yet sufficient 3er mules.

As I said: check the X1 spy pics & compare the nose with this one on the 3er: they are identical!