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Originally Posted by M3to335 View Post
Shiv, How did you get a readiness code in 10 minutes? Ive been told all different things by emissions techs, bmw, and some folks on here about creating a ready state. For example;

1) Drive 50 miles.
2) Drive 150 miles.
3) This one is a doosey!!!

1. Engine cold start, idling, approximately 3 minutes. Evaluated:
2. Constant driving at 20 to 30 MPH, approximately 4 minutes. Evaluated:
3. Constant driving at 40 to 60 MPH, approximately 15 minutes (sufficient vehicle coast
ing phases included). Evaluated:
4. Engine idling, approximately 5 minutes. Evaluated:
NOTE: The diagnostic sequence illustrated above will be interrupted if:
• Secondary Air System
• Evaporative Leak Detection (LDP Equipped Vehicles)
• Oxygen Sensors - Achieved “Closed Loop” Operation
• Oxygen Sensors - Response Time and Switching Time (Control Frequency)
• Catalytic Converter Efficiency
• Oxygen Sensors - Response Time and Switching Time (Control Frequency)
• Tank-Leak Diagnosis (DM TL Equipped Vehicles after KL 15 is switched OFF)
• The engine speed exceeds 3000 RPM. • Large fluctuations in the accelerator pedal position.
• The driving speed exceeds 60 MPH.

In other words, still no dice getting 02 readiness or catalyst readiness after driving around for a while. This is a dumb question, but does a fully catless car react differently then a partially catless car? Do I need a different map then what you used to get a readiness signal???
I don't know. Haven't seen any problem with o2 sensor readiness on my car or any other car i've seen personally. I've even managed to achieve it with a simple voltage divider wired up into my o2 sensor. And my car is also fully catless. For off road use only, of course.