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Talking Halogen to Xenon Conversion Wiring *ERRORLESS* - Phase 1

Mach@M-force_Design and I have teamed up to work on his car
for the Halogen to Xenon Conversion
-No "Parachute" kit needed.


Why this thread is labeled "Phase 1" is because we are still testing. So far after 15-minutes of driving, the car produced no error and the European Xenon Headlight remained fully functional.
Phase 2 will include, 2 resistors that will be used as a load to balance the system back to 55W, thus giving a completely ERRORLESS Halogen to Xenon swap.

So far it is near ERRORLESS. ADHD's tutorial caused way too much trouble for me. One thing wrong on his diagram, which I have corrected is that Pin #1 is really Angel Eyes.

Terminal (The plug on the car.)
Do the same thing on BOTH plugs!

1.) Angel Eyes

2.) Ground – this is where you need to add a ground wire.

-Two new ground wires

Make sure the new ground wire it is tapped with pin #4. DO NOT hook it up to the chassis!

I used 12-10 AWG(Yellow) Splice Tap Connectors to tap my NEW GROUND wire to the Existing GROUND wire.

Hooking it up to the chassis will only cause your xenons to flicker and turn off.
I filled the hole with some silicone solution so the wire does not wiggle around.

3.) Low Beam (xenon)

4.) Ground - the existing ground you tap your new ground wire to

5.) Bi-Xenon (shutter) - This is optional, however if you want 2 Xenon modes, (xenon low beam, and xenon high beam) you will need to tap the shutter wire to the regular high-beams(H7).
Tapping pin #5 and pin #6 will allow you to have bi-xenon, meaning you will have 2 stages of brightness. Regular low-beam xenons, and high-beam xenons. You will have the choice to have low-beam xenons and high-beam xenons and regular high-beams all together.
If you do NOT choose to do this mod, you will have regular high-beams(h7) and just low-beam xenons. The beam will be unaffected.
Either way, this will not cause an error.
OPTIONAL(If you want Bi-Xenon)

You simply tap pin #6 wire (blue) to the shutter wire (red).
I created a new wire and tapped them together with a 16-14 AWG(Blue) T-Tap and 22-18 AWG(Red) Splice Tap Connector

*The color coded Splice Taps and T-Taps are
specially made for the different gauges (wire thick/thinness).*

6.) High Beam(H7)
7.) Empty
8.) Empty
9.) Empty
10.) Empty
11.) Empty
12.) Side Marker (Signal)

Plug it back into the headlight, you should get an error, drive for 30 seconds and your ECU(computer) will adapt to the new Xenon headlamp. The error message will disappear completely and your car will be CHECK OK. This has been tested and it is PERFECTLY working.

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