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Originally Posted by nsanbyker View Post
what is the white stuff around the new ground wire in two? the second pic shows a wire with two ends, did you cut off one of the ends when splicing into the pre-existing ground? what kind of connectors did you use for the new ground wire in the headlight connector? Great Job on the DIY
-White stuff = silicone solution to keep the new ground wire in place.

The tap I used self strips the wires for you. You put the existing ground, and the new ground into it.
You can also use T-taps, but any faulty wiring will cause the ECU to detect an error.

The two new ground wires, I used for each headlight. The little connectors(pins) on the two new ground wires are made for the OEM connector. They snap right into place. I just used the silicone to secure it from wiggling.

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