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Originally Posted by a l l a n View Post
Awesome. I wish you did this sooner. This makes the conversion completely reversible. Too bad I already cut and spliced a couple of wires.

Subscribed. Keep it up and do it soon!
This is 100% reversible. Do not worry a l l a n, if you are good with electrical work, you can always fix your wires. I have done a lot of testing to come up with this solution.

Thanks for the support. I will post videos as soon as I can find sometime to.
Oh and I have worked out a few other cool mods for the headlamp. I will later post a DIY for remote Angel Eyes (Unlocking Door, lights up angel eyes.)

Originally Posted by jetblk328i View Post
question: where did you get the pins so that they fit into the OEM connector?

and this may be stupid but you know your added wire? if you just tap connect it to the existing ground you prolly did it in the middle somewhere so shouldnt there be some wire left? did you just cut that off? even so isnt there a bare wire endfor the other end of the added ground?
Snipped off the pins from a OEM BMW Harness, you can buy it from your local dealer.

The tap I used, tap's the existing ground wire in the middle, and tap's the end of the new wire.

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