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HELP! What Car?!

Porscha! has a new job with this new job comes a circa 400 pcm after tax allowance to buy a car.

I will be doing around 35,000 miles per year.

The company have two stipulations - 1. The car must be fed on the devils fuel - diesel 2. The car must be a maximum of three years old at any one given time

My requirements are as follows - 1. The car must be RWD 2. The car must look nice lol

I'm thinking new would be the best option as I won't have to keep swaping all the time.

The only other thing is the car must have a rather large boot to fit different equipment and things in, though a good boot is a requirement I don't need four seats or doors.

My shortlist is as follows:
BMW 123d Coupe (doubt stuff will fit)
BMW 320d Coupe (think stuff will fit - actually rather impressed with car)
BMW 520d Saloon (the sensible choice as things will definately fit and would be a nice motorway car - slow though!)
Mercedes C Class Saloon (know nothing about it but imagine it would be a good load carrier!)

Really have I any other options, the 1er is ruled out due to size really I think I will need something 5 series size!
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