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Thanks for the advice, no 0-60 in 8.1 ain't that bad, for an entry diesel on a car that big, didn't realise they were that quick. The new E60 5 Series is most certainly bigger than the E39!

At the same time the 5 is a big barge type car, not very Porscha! LOL

I can get a second hand car, yes but at any one given time the car must be less that three years old, so if I buy a two year old car I will have to swap it in one year, though that doesn't bother me, I just want a car to run and not bother about, I love changing my own cars but won't get any excitment changing a diesel to another diesel LOL!

Didn't realise you could fold the seats on the new E92, I know you could on my E46 Coupe though.

Would ideally like a white car and know white looks lovely on the E92.

If only bloody Diesel wasn't a requirement

Anyone got any opinions good or bad on the Mercedes? I do rather like the new front end of it and think white would rather suit it!
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